Wall-Mount Digital Pyrometers


WM-1 Wall-Mount

The WM-1 is sturdy, accurate, easy to use, portable and dependable, making it the ideal molten metal temperature measuring instrument for ferrous foundries and steel plants. It can be used with molten Steel, Bronze, Cast Iron, Aluminum Alloys, Copper, Gold, Brass and Silver.

When the thermocouple is dipped in molten metal, the microprocessor reads the millivolts and mathematically converts it and provides the temperature reading. The indicator lamps (LEDs) on the front panel indicate and sound a buzzer when the correct reading is displayed. This entire process completes within 3 to 5 seconds, after which the thermocouple tip can be withdrawn.

The microprocessor studies the temperature values and detects the exact temperature of molten metal with its flat plateau detection method, thus rejecting variations due to slag temperature differentials, furnace hot spots, transient electrical spikes, etc. The WM-1 is used with SYSCON’s thermocouple tips. These tips are expendable temperature sensors in cardboard tubes.

Plateau or Continuous Detection Software

• ± 1°F (± 1°C) accuracy due to microprocessor-based technology
• ± 3°F (±2°C) overall system accuracy
• Bright 2” digital display
• Tracks time between readings
• End of the measuring cycle indicator
• Use with lance attachments
• Designed for shop floor use
• Comes with standard male and female ISA thermocouple connection
• Available with S/R/B thermocouples

Measuring Range
500˚F – 3300˚F (260°C – 1816°C) – WM-1 S/R/B

Over the entire measuring range

Temperature Detection Method
Flat Plateau – WM-1 S/R/B
Continuous – WM-1 S/R/B

Automatic Cold Junction Compensation

Operating Temperature
0 – 122˚F (0 – 50˚C)

4 digits, 7 segment LEDs
Height – 2” (50.8 cm)

T/C Element
Pt/Pt Rh 10%, 13%, 6/30%

2.4 lb

10” w x 5.75” h x 2.375” d
(25.4 cm x 14.6 cm x 6 cm)

Error Codes
• If T/C breaks during measurement, 9999 is displayed
• If flat plateau is not detected, 9001 is displayed

Power Supply
90 – 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz

Response Time
3 to 5 seconds for WM-1 S/R/B

Calibration Standard
IPTS 48, 68

Dust-proof aluminum housing

Specifications may change without prior notice due to continuous development

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