Multi-Dip Thermocouples | MD-10




SYSCON Sensors Multi-Dip (MD) Thermocouple is a high precision, non-splash probe, ideal for small furnaces and ladles in slag-free metal. It provides accurate and quick temperature measurements. The thermocouple tip is protected by a quartz tube. Unlike conventional, expendable thermocouples, a paper sleeve is not needed since only the quartz tube is dipped in molten metal. The MD tip does not need any special accessories. It fits securely on SYSCON Sensors TS-1 Handheld Digital Pyrometer.


The Multi-Dip Thermocouple tip is designed for investment casting foundries, continuous casting tundish, runners, furnace, ladle, and vacuum-melting operations. It meets clean melt requirements and does not contaminate metal. It is ideal for high-temperature alloy heats and small batches.



  • Non-splash probe designed with safety considerations
  • Precision thermocouple wires with fast response times
  • Robust and versatile
  • Suited for wide range of molten metals including Iron, Steel, Alloys, Copper, Bronze, and Aluminum
  • Ideal for various measurement locations – ladle, furnace, tundish, and metal stream
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 Quality

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