Thermal Analysis Sampling Cups | METACUP C & METACUP CE

SYSCON Sensors high precision and expendable sampling cups are used to determine the thermal arrests in the cooling curve of molten Iron. The shell is manufactured using high grade Silica sand and fitted with a strong, dependable connecting system. The volume of the cups offers the best compromise between measuring time and consistency of the results. They are ideally suited for SYSCON Sensors Ferrolab FL-1 Thermal Analysis System.


  • Quick and accurate melt quality determination
  • Compatible with all thermal analysis systems
  • Consistent results with historical data due to square shape
  • Square shape prevents loose contacts
  • Thermocouple protected by Quartz tube
  • Manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards
  • Quick Shipping from USA
Cup Types
Metacup - C

Cemented with Tellurium on the bottom, these cups suppress the undercooling and promote white solidification. This cup is commonly used to calculate CE, C, and SI content.


Metacup - CE 


Does not have Tellurium, resulting in grey solidification. This is used to determine eutectic undercooling and CE.

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