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We know how important it is for metallurgists, melt technicians, and plant managers to work with high-quality products. With decades of experience, and using the best materials, we've created products you can trust. 

To ensure our products meet your stringent needs, SYSCON Sensors offers free samples at no charge. Choose your product, request your five-piece sample, and we'll prepare your shipment so you can see for yourself. 


Our MD-10 Multi-Dip Thermocouple Tip is a high precision, non-splash probe, ideal for small furnaces and ladles in slag-free metal.


Our MUL Multi-Use Thermocouples are an expendable, multi-use, non-splash, and high precision thermocouple probe. 


Our SUL Single-Use Thermocouples are an expendable, single-use, and high precision thermocouple tip.

metacup stacked

Our Metacups are high precision and expendable sampling cups that can be used with an FL-1 or similar thermal analysis system.

Requesting Your Free Sample is Simple.


Choose whether you'd like a free sample of our MD-10 Multi-Dip Thermocouple Tip, MUL Multi-Use Thermocouples, SUL Single-Use Themrcouples, or our Metacups.


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We'll ship five samples of the SYSCON Sensors product(s) you choose.

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