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    Complete Customer Support Designed for Manufacturing

    We know you work hard, and there’s no room for downtime. Keeping track of all the moving parts with your plant’s equipment can be complex, so we’re here to help make it easier. Through more than four decades of industry experience, we’ve encountered the same challenges you’re facing—and we’re ready to deliver proven MES solutions. Whether you need help getting your machines back up and running or installing new equipment, we’ll be there along the way to help your business continue running smoothly.


    Support Services

    • 24/7 telephone support
    • Hardware replacement
    • Installation assistance
    • Day-of training for new customers
    • Field service capabilities (installation, initial training, and setup)
    • Access to RMA form for repairs

     If you are an existing PlantStar customer in need of customer support, please click the link below.

    Rainin wiring DCM

    Annual Software License and Maintenance Contracts

    We offer a 24/7 support response for critical system failures, as well as full replacement coverage, free software upgrades, full warranty on all new PlantStar hardware and trade-in value for legacy PlantStar systems to upgrade to PlantStar 4.0.