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    Production & Process Monitoring

    Complete Production and Process Monitoring Capabilities

    When you need to know everything that’s happening with your production activities and process variables, you need an MES that delivers the right functionality. From drag-and-drop job scheduling to real-time dashboard reporting and customizable alerts, PlantStar is designed to help you do what you do best. With a full range of capabilities and continuous updates, PlantStar has the solutions you and your company needs to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). It’s time to reach your full potential.


    MES Features

    Get insight into job-specific details on every machine so you can keep track of upcoming projects, potential downtime, and more.

    • Job Scheduler

      Job Scheduler

      Simplify job scheduling with a drag-and-drop tool that makes it easy to move projects. The MES shows the current time and tools being used for specific projects, and allows you to update the tools and resources or switch the order of projects in order to avoid collisions.

    • Job Summary

      Job Summary

      The job summary screen gives you a quick, up-to-date picture of what is happening on any machine, even those that are not connected to this DCM. With the easy-to-use drop-down menu, you can quickly access important information on a desired machine and make changes to current and future jobs with a touch of the screen.
    • Job Setup Sheets

      Job Setup Sheets

      Easily access machine setup and miscellaneous summary information. Setup sheets can include training videos, documents, part images, and more.
    • Customizable Charts and Reporting

      Customizable Charts and Reporting

      Eliminate guesswork as you drive change and implement best practices as a result of data at your fingertips. PlantStar lets you create charts based on your own reporting in real time and auto-schedule report delivery directly to email inboxes, printer, or network folders.

    • Real-Time Dashboards

      Real-Time Dashboards

      View the status of your machines in real time on a large screen with color-coded data.

    • Downtime and Scrap Reporting

      Downtime and Scrap Reporting

      Get alerts when your machines go down and maintain a record of each occurrence. The system tracks the top causes of downtime for each machine and displays the percentage of time taken up by each down.

    • Instant Alerts

      Instant Alerts

      Receive immediate email, text, and voice alerts about the status of your machines on the shop floor. Easily choose which alerts you want to receive and select where you’d like them to be sent.

    • Defect Collection

      Defect Collection

      Conduct root-cause analysis to improve quality and eliminate warranty costs so you can reduce product recalls, revenue loss, decrease in customers, and damage to your brand. PlantStar prioritizes defects and charts them out in real time so you can immediately view all your defects for any running job or specific shift. Additional features include unlimited user configurable defect reasons, repair or scrap disposition, and ERP solutions integration.
    • Material and Tool Tracking

      Material and Tool Tracking

      See the status of materials used in specific machines so you know when the materials need to be replenished or the equipment needs maintenance. PlantStar’s extremely detailed data insight reduces the manual labor necessary to gather these details.


    MES Benefits

    Take advantage of integration features, tracking capabilities, and a variety of other functionalities that help streamline your processes and deliver quality products.

    • Operator Tracking
      operating tracking for lightbox option 1

      Operator Tracking

      Eliminate the guesswork in associating specific users with completed action events. With PlantStar 4.0 operator tracking, users can quickly identify operator action events using simple track-and-trace capabilities.

    • Labeling and Barcoding
      labeling and bar coding for lightbox

      Labeling and Barcoding

      Reduce the percentage of recalls due to product label errors with labeling and barcoding capabilities that strengthen compliance, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs while focusing on product traceability.

    • ERP Integration
      ERP integration for lightbox

      ERP Integration

      Integrate PlantStar with your current ERP system to complete your manufacturing process management.

    • Remote Monitoring
      remote monitoring for lightbox

      Remote Monitoring

      See the status of your production equipment wherever you are with remote monitoring functionality from any device connected to the internet.

    • Real-Time Data
      real time dashboard for lightbox

      Real-Time Data

      Your machine operators need to be able to access timely data in order to make quick decisions, and PlantStar’s MES provides that and more. Get an up-to-date look at your most important metrics and KPIs on a single, customizable screen. With the Machine Status view, you have insight into the real-time status, efficiency, and production data for any machines you choose. Plus, you can access simplified, color-coded charting with historical and real-time process variable data.


    Process Monitoring

    Stay up to date about the variables that go into your projects, with the ability to easily make adjustments as necessary.

    • Physical or Trigger-Based Process Variables

      Physical or Trigger-Based Process Variables

      Some MES systems limit the user on the number of process variables, but with PlantStar you can input any number of PVs and process variable profiles.

    • Tailor Process Variable Limits
      Process variable monitor

      Tailor Process Variable Limits

      Use PlantStar to set upper and lower limits to your process variables and easily adjust as production needs change.

    • Process Variable Chart Viewer
      Process variable monitor

      Process Variable Chart Viewer

      View live readings of KPIs including pressure, temperature, and more in real time. Tweak the chart configuration on the fly for a truly granular view into the health of your machines.

    • Process Variable Table Viewer

      Process Variable Table Viewer

      Quickly view all the live readings for your process variables in table form to see if the thresholds you defined are being breached.


    What Our Customers Say

    We chose SYSCON PlantStar to be our MES system as it provided us with a wealth of production and process information, including scheduling, product specification, OEE data, labor and process tracking in a flexible, friendly and real time environment that assist us in achieving our operational excellence goals. Over the years (20+ years) PlantStar had validated that we made the right decision by providing us with great customer service and support coupled with leading edge technology. I would highly recommend their services to any other company that is in the market for MES system
    Fourmark Manufacturing
    With PlantStar, we’ve reduced our internal and external corrective action reports by 92.8%, with major gains in first-time quality improvements and customer satisfaction. An initial savings of $400,000 was realized within five months of implementation.
    Corporate VP, Tier II Automotive Supplier

    PlantStar has proved vital to our Manufacturing efficiency and has introduced the ability to stay connected remotely to make key real-time decisions. It has changed the way we operate!

    Cole Melton, Director of Operations
    mcpherson plastic
    Jones plastic engineering

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