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    Reliable MES Hardware

    Stop worrying about network downtime or data loss hindering your operations. PlantStar’s industrial-rated PCs in custom enclosures with proprietary digital and analog input and output capabilities protect your data, even in the harshest environments. Coupled with our highly redundant, fault-tolerant systems, this lets your machines communicate and store data even during network outages, delivering peace of mind that’s hard to find with other Manufacturing Execution Systems.

    All HMIs with APU

    Data Collection Module (DCM)

    PlantStar Data Collection Module's boast unmatched shop floor redundancy with the capability to gather data from any machine via analog, digital, or serial signals, or through a PLC or OPC-UA interface. This holds true even if you have legacy equipment. Up to 24 analogs, 16 digital inputs, 8 outputs and or machine protocal interfaces.

    With PlantStar's Manufacturing Execution System, if your APU is down or you experience network issues, the Data Collection Module can still operate for an extended period of time for any previously scheduled jobs. Additionally, the Data Collection Modules can handle cycle times as low as 70ms.

    1 DCM

    Application Processing Unit (APU)

    Discover more than just a server. PlantStar’s APUs are industrial-grade powerhouses that are designed to run your database and take care of the heavy lifting required for leveraging big data. Our units include features like:

    • Data Collection Module filter capability
    • Configurable machine and machine group information
    • Shift templates and job event details
    • Easily managed tool and material configurations
    • User and permission capabilities
    • Customizable charts, alerts, and reports
    • Tower or Rack Mount options

    3.8Ghz 12 Core / 24 Thread, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD

    Dimensions-9.44" (240mm) x 18.70" (475mm) x 21.53" (547mm)

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    Human Machine Interface (HMI)

    Choose from two HMI options to get the flexibility your employees need to view and record machine data in real time.

    Mountable Industrial HMI:

    • PlantStar 15" touchscreen HMI
    • USB ports for a scanner, keyboard, or other device
    • Industrial enclosure included
    • Stand mount or machine mounts can be provided.  VESA mount capability.
    • Provides access to all DCM and APU functionality via Ethernet Network
    • Dimensions including industrial enclosure: 13.25 x 16.75 x 5
    Portable Tablet HMI:
    • 10.5" screen size
    • Industrial Case included 
    • Expandable memory
    • Dimension: 9.65"x 6.30"x 0.22"
    • Wifi, USB, Bluetooth 
    • Keyboard Compatible 
    2 HMI options
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    Industrial HMI with software HMI1 Samsung galaxy 2 tablets Job Summary screen samsung galaxy tablet with charts network diagram monitors2@2x

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