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    Making a Difference for Labor Day

    Aug 30, 2019 10:43:00 AM / by David Crowley


    Labor Day for people in mfg

    On Monday, many of us in manufacturing and related industries will gladly be able to hit snooze without worry of punching in late.

    The Labor Day holiday, first celebrated 137 years ago in New York City, achieved national status in our United States by declaration of President Grover Cleveland in 1894.

    While celebrating the resilience and triumph of the American worker may not be high on your list of things to do with a day off, we at SYSCON PlantStar would like to offer this poem for your reflection as you shop, barbecue, catch up on your honey-do list, or just relax on the couch in your underwear this weekend.

    September arrives: alright! Oh dear…
    employers’ anxiety, as the day draws near,
    mounts higher because they know, they fear
    The Day of the Laboring Worker.

    A day of no productivity!
    A day where the doors of the factory
    are closed, and picnics replace corp’rate efficiency on
    the Day of the Laboring Worker.

    How will we meet our deadlines?
    Who’ll move materials to the assembly lines
    when they’re all getting discounts in the checkout lines for
    the Day of the Laboring Worker?

    Our global customers have demands!
    They expect our product in their hands
    with no account of this day in their lands:
    the Day of the Laboring Worker.

    If only there was a solution—
    perhaps a new industrial revolution?
    a system to counter workforce dilution during
    the Day of the Laboring Worker!

    Aha! An answer does exist
    and—if you try it—we insist
    that you will no longer fear or in any way resist
    the Day of the Laboring Worker.

    SYSCON PlantStar

    The name of this solution, then,
    is PlantStar 4.0. And again
    we’ll show how we can make a difference when it’s
    the Day of the Laboring Worker.

    And not just for one day alone
    does PlantStar rescue manufacturers who groan
    under the stresses that are all year well-known on each
    Day of the Laboring Worker.

    For each day—in real-time (legit!)—
    our MES gives data, helpful insights, and tidbits
    that drive your business toward greater profit and
    a Day of the Laboring Worker.

    So do not fret! Your jobs are done on time
    and increased efficiency saves you more than a dime:
    you can chill out for this end-to-summertime, this
    Day of the Laboring Worker.

    PlantStar 4.0 is the way to go
    to keep workers happy and help your business grow.
    This poem is done and now you know…
    that on Tuesday you should schedule a demo to see how our MES is making a difference for manufacturers just like you!

    Have a wonderful, safe weekend!