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    An Industry-Leading, Affordable Manufacturing Execution System

    Bringing your company into the digital age by making it simple to monitor production and process data in real time so you get real results.

    Simplifying Manufacturing Processes

    Are you tired of unexpected downtime within your plant? What about supply chain issues or labor shortages? Are you still collecting manual data? The PlantStar 4.0 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, provides both production and process monitoring capabilities which now makes manufacturing headaches become a thing of the past.

    Production Monitoring involves counting the rate of parts that are being produced.

    Process Monitoring is measuring the process variables at the time of manufacturing. Examples are tempature, pressure, and hold time. 

    Production data including Machine and Tool Cycles, Good and Bad Part Counts, Up Time and Down Time, Reject, Assist and Downtime Events and Reasons.
    The PlantStar manufacturing execution system can collect for every shot and a unlimited amount of Process Variable Parameters including but not limited to Cycle Time, Shot Size, Injection Pressure, Hold Pressure, Hold Time, Cushion, and Position.

    In addition PlantStar 4.0 can include;

    • Material Lot Tracking. Track material lot numbers from ERP work order through production and maintain association between material lots and jobs, work orders, and finished goods to provide traceability and control.
    • Material Usage Reporting-generates reports on materials  by job, shift, day or other period.  Export data back to ERP to improve operations.
    • Material Forecasting-Anticipate material usage/demand based on scheduled jobs and materials specifications.
    • Tool Life Tracking-Tracks the time used and number of cycles that an individual tool was used. Required to access the Tool Maintenance; where information is entered for maintenance performed on the tool.
    • User Action Events- Track-and -trace to find out who/what/when/where in relation to any process and production event.
    • Operator Action Events- auto-generated data for each time an operator logs in or out into the system.  Auto displays all operators on when they checked into a machine/station and where they are checked in on the shop floor. 
    • Label Printing-Label printers may be connected via network or directly to a PlantStar DCM and barcode or other labels may be printed for any process requirement.

    PlantStar Manufacturing Execution System puts you in control of all shop floor data, delivering complete visibility that lets you make proactive decisions to improve your bottom line. With real-time insight, it’s a better way to collect and, more importantly, utilize data from your machines and stations. 


    of our customers have utilized PlantStar for 20+ years


    increase in efficiency using PlantStar software


    of global manufacturers use real-time reporting to improve productivity


    global implementations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and China

    Industries We Serve

    Mid- to large-size operations with discrete manufacturing processes will benefit from PlantStar’s Manufacturing Execution System. Our MES solutions have repeatedly proven to greatly improve manufacturers’ profitability in a variety of industries. Typical applications include;

    • plastics & rubber
    • fasteners
    • medical
    • life sciences
    • aerospace
    • automotive
    • oil & gas
    • consumer electronics,
    • retail equipment & tools 
    • chemicals
    • construction 
    • paper & printing 
    • textiles & clothing

    Dedicated to Helping People in Manufacturing

    After more than four decades in business, we know how crucial it is to simplify processes for the people involved in manufacturing. We’re committed to helping you become a global leader in your industry with a MES solution that delivers where it matters most: your bottom line.

    See The Benefits of Robust MES Software

    Could your manufacturing operation benefit from more data? With a robust Manufacturing Execution System (MES), you can combine Production & Process Monitoring to improve productivity and ensure quality and efficiency.


    What Our Customers Say

    We chose SYSCON PlantStar to be our MES system as it provided us with a wealth of production and process information, including scheduling, product specification, OEE data, labor and process tracking in a flexible, friendly and real time environment that assist us in achieving our operational excellence goals. Over the years (20+ years) PlantStar had validated that we made the right decision by providing us with great customer service and support coupled with leading edge technology. I would highly recommend their services to any other company that is in the market for MES system

    Fourmark Manufacturing

    With PlantStar, we’ve reduced our internal and external corrective action reports by 92.8%, with major gains in first-time quality improvements and customer satisfaction. An initial savings of $400,000 was realized within five months of implementation.

    Corporate VP, Tier II Automotive Supplier

    PlantStar has proved vital to our manufacturing efficiency and introduced the ability to stay connected remotely to make real-time decisions.  It has changed the way we operate!

    Cole Melton, Director of Operations

    We have been a long time customer of SYSCON PlantStar and the response from their support team has always been timely and helpful.

    Bill Alwardt
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    Stanley Engineered Fastening
    Mettler Toledo

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