Data Collection Module (DCM)

The PlantStar Data Collection Modules provide unmatched shop floor redundancy with the capability to gather data from any machine via direct digital, analog, or serial interfaces. The newest PlantStar Data Collection Module (DCM) boasts 9 available I/O slots which can include a combination of up to 48 digital inputs, 24 digital outputs and up to 36 analog inputs. Multiple RS-232 and RS-485 intefaces can also be configured if needed. With PlantStar's Manufacturing Execution System, if your APU is down or you experience network issues, the Data Collection Module can continue to run previously scheduled jobs without interruption, then sync back up with no loss of data. Additionally, our newest Data Collection Modules can handle cycle times as low as 10ms for extremely high speed data collection.

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With more than 50 years of industry experience, PlantStar has vast experience developing MES software. Our latest version, PlantStar 4.0, offers industry-leading features that allow companies to manage their processes more efficiently.

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